The Sinner

This is a Spiritual Mirror of Morality, in which every child of God, who desires his salvation, may view himself, know the state of his soul, and profitably learn to regulate his life according to it. There are many people with troubled hearts in the world today. There are many reasons why these hearts are troubled. God knows and stands waiting to give peace to every troubled heart.


A picture of a toad to represent greed, gossip, filth, covetousness, desires something that belongs to another, rears its head. It beholds the possessions of others and lusts for them.


A picture of a serpent (snake) to represent jealousy, deceit, envy, pride and selfishness. In our illustration you will see Satan at the center of this heart.


A picture of a tiger to represent anger, pay back, revenge , fury, destructiveness and bringing misery, unhappiness, and sorrow into the lives of others.


A picture of a turtle to represent indifference, procrastination, witchcraft, horoscopes, astrology, idolatry, do not do your best, lazy and seances.

Dirty thoughtst

A picture of a hog (pig) to represent greed, gluttony, lust, drugs, drunkenness, gambling, cheating, stealing, lying and resulting in behavior that brings shame and disgrace.

Sexual sin

A picture of a goat to represent lust, speak evil things, immorality, fornication, adultery, and things you knew you should not do.


A picture of a peacock to represent pride and selfishness because sometimes you thought that you were better than others. Pride lifts its ugly head in this heart in its vain and conceited ways. Pride was cast out of Heaven and will never again enter through its gates. God hates even a proud look.

Eye of God

A picture of an eye to represent the ever-present eye of God. He sees all we do. He hears all we say.


A picture of a brain to represent our conscience. The conscience continues to trouble the sinner even though it is trampled on. Yet it is there, and in the quietness of some moment it will judge and condemn, producing guilt and fear.


A picture of a beast to represent Satan. Satan, without mercy, blinds its eyes to truth. He endeavors to mislead the heart when it reaches for the Word of God. He tempts it, as he did mother Eve, to doubt God by asking the question, "Has God said?". This is a heart that is ruled by the prince of this world.


A picture of a death to represent an instrument in the hands of Satan.